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UpdatedOn October 29, 2019

HumbirdVPN -蜂鸟VPN-完全免费的VPN工具 is most popular VPN App in China provides free unlimited VPN service for Android mobile. You can download HumbirdVPN APK free for your Android mobile and install this best free VPN. Get fast and unlimited VPN service for mobile and tablets.

HumbirdVPN APK – 蜂鸟VPN App info:

1. 隐藏你的真实IP地址:

2. 加密你的网络连接

3. 浏览具有地区限制的网络内容

4. 蜂鸟VPN提供全球数十个国家和地区的服务器节点供你自由选择,且服务器数目还在不断增加

What is the function of Humbird VPN?
1. Hide your real IP address:
After using the Hummingbird VPN link, the network service provider can protect your privacy by seeing your IP address as the Hummingbird VPN server address instead of your real IP address.

2. Encrypt your network connection
When using WiFi on public networks such as KFC, shopping malls, etc., your browsing history, email content & password may be leaked. Using Humbird VPN will encrypt your network connection with 256 military level, and unsecured WiFi can also securely transmit network. information

3. Browse web content with regional restrictions
Some web content is only available for specific regions. After using the Hummingbird VPN specific regional server node, you can browse the restricted content as freely as the residents of the country.

4. Hummingbird VPN provides server nodes in dozens of countries and regions around the world for you to choose freely, and the number of servers is increasing.

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How to use Humbird VPN?

1) You need to click the big round button to open the VPN (click again to close);
2) Click the current node to freely select server nodes in different regions;
3) Click the “More” page, then sign in or draw to get the gold coins, then use the gold currency to exchange VIP traffic to use the VIP highway.
4) VIP traffic has an expiration date, and redemption of new VIP traffic before failure can extend the validity period of all VIP traffic;
5) The home help bar will prompt you with some latest news.
6) All nodes are prohibited from downloading Thunderbolt BT (but support HTTP, Google Play and other normal downloads).

Other tips for Hummingbird VPN:
Hummingbird VPN uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm and does not log any logs. Your network access records are only known to you.
Normal link channels can be used immediately;
VIP high-speed channels need to use gold coins to exchange VIP high-speed traffic before they can be used. You only need to take the initiative to sign in or draw a lottery to get gold coins for free.

1) The only publishing channel of this app is Google Play, and other channels are not official channels;
2) This app is for legal use only for scientific research, entertainment, etc. It is strictly forbidden to be used for illegal purposes;
3) This APP is not distributed in mainland China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or Cuba;
4) Downloading or using this app is considered to be a complete understanding and recognition of the above statement.

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  • Allow to install Android App as Unknown Source and wait until installation will complete.
  • After completion of installation successfully you will enjoy the App.

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